Recent Before & After Photos

Washing Machine Leak

As great as appliances are, they don’t always function as well as we would like them to. Shown here, a washing machine caused flooding that spread not onl... READ MORE

Debris from a fallen tree

A tree fell into the roof of this home causing the roof and ceiling to come into the home. Debris was all over as was water which came in along with the tree. A... READ MORE

Debris from a fire consumes bathroom

Fires spread quickly and when they do they can do a lot of damage. Shown in the photos here, debris from a fire fell into a bathroom from the ceiling above. Soo... READ MORE

Mold doesn’t stand a chance

Mold grows and spreads quickly and it can be hazardous. Hazardous mold is extremely dangerous as it can be very bad for your health and exposure to it or to it&... READ MORE

Fire tears apart a basement

Shown here, a fire took over a basement, which spread throughout the ceiling of the basement. At SERVPRO of Burlington, we came in and cleaned out debris and al... READ MORE

At SERVPRO of Burlington we have a hardwood mat drying system

At SERVPRO of Burlington we have a state of the art hardwood floor mat drying system. We use this excellent system as shown in the picture, to save your hardwoo... READ MORE

SERVPRO cleans more than just your home or business

At SERVPRO of Burlington we have the state of the art equipment, and highly trained technicians to clean up absolutely any mess. Not only can we clean and resto... READ MORE

Blood on a public restroom floor is a job for SERVPRO

At SERVPRO of Burlington we are here to help clean up your business even where biohazards such as blood as shown here on a public restroom floor is concerned. B... READ MORE

Water in the aisles

Water took over the aisles of this business. As water often does, it spreads soaking everything in its path. At SERVPRO of Burlington we came in to remove the w... READ MORE

We Help Pack You Up

SERVPRO of Burlington is here for you once the flames of a fire are put out but before and after the dust has settled. We are here to remove all dust, ash and a... READ MORE