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Storm Damage to Roof Destroyed Dining Room

At SERVPRO we go in after a storm and clear up and clear out the damage caused to your home or office. We remove debris like the damage pictured here and make it “Like it never even happened.”

Fires Leave Behind Lots of Damage In a Short Time

  • No matter where a fire starts, it will spread quickly increasing in size at a rate of every 60 seconds. Fires leave behind a lot of damage such as debris, soot and ash throughout. Damage always extends beyond where the fire started as soot and ash make their way throughout the entire property. SERVPRO of Burlington is here to help clean up the aftermath, like what's pictured here,  and make it "Like it never even happened”

Storms affect your property from the outside in

Storms often come not only with heavy rains, but with high winds. As pictured, it is easy for storms to tear into your home causing damage and also then allowing water in which causes even more damage. At SERVPRO of Burlington we are here to board up your roofs, windows and doors after storms have blown on through. 

Debris piles up

With almost any remediation, there’s property and personal belongings that unfortunately are often damaged. At SERVPRO of Burlington we salvage whatever we can from a room or home affected by severe water damage, or fire. Shown here is just some of the debris that what was removed from a home. We don’t leave it on your curb or in your driveway. Instead we take it off your property to dispose of it. 

Fires are destructive

Unfortunately fires can tear through homes quickly. As fires grow in size every 60 seconds, the damage they can cause at times before extinguished, can be excessive. Shown here a fire ripped throughout a home. SERVPRO of Burlington was called in in order to remove damaged property, restore and salvage what could be salvaged, and to remove smoke and soot from throughout the home. 

We get the job done

At SERVPRO of Burlington we are here for you to protect your property from further damage and to tend to your damage properly. As pictured here, we will cover items in order to protect them while we work on restoring your property. At SERVPRO we make it “Like it never even happened."

We bring in the best equipment

At SERVPRO of Burlington, when you experience water damage, we bring in the best state of the art equipment in order to remove and dry up the water, as pictured here. Our equipment also removes all remaining moisture from the air so that mold does not become an issue for you. 

Bathroom Had Water Damage

Water damage can sometimes mean that floors must be removed. At SERVPRO of Burlington, we do our absolute best to save flooring, but depending on the extent of the damage sometimes floors cannot be saved. Shown here we had to remove the flooring in this bathroom after excessive water damage was caused to it. 

Mold is sneaky

Shown here is mold that was growing on the top of a window within an apartment. The apartment complex called us in to remove the mold. Since mold can spread and also return if not properly removed and treated, it is for that reason they left it up to the professionals like us at SERVPRO of Burlington. 

Public Restroom

Whenever there’s an issue with water or sewage overflowing from sinks or toilets, we are there for you to call. We are able to handle the biohazards. Shown here is a public restroom that’s been all cleaned up. It is best to leave biohazard cleanups like that to the professionals like us at SERVPRO of Burlington. 

We Get Rid Of The Water

Pictured is some of our state of the art equipment. This home suffered flooding. Unfortunately in this case, flooding was so severe that we could not salvage their carpeting. Once the carpeting was removed by us, we were able to dry out the room and remove any excess water to prevent mold.

Microwave Fire

Kitchen fires are very common, mainly caused by things cooking unattended on your stove or in your oven. However, things like your toaster, or a microwave as pictured here can cause fires as well. SERVPRO of Burlington was called in to clean up soot, ash and debris and to salvage what we could.

Storms Can Damage Your Home

Mother Natures fury can have a tendency to destroy things in it's path. Trees can fall through into your home or roof, causing rain water to get into your home. Too much rain and strong winds, can blow off pieces of your roof causing rain water to get into your home. Here SERVPRO of Burlington was called in after a storm caused lots of water damage, enough to seep through the floor and to break through the ceiling to the kitchen below!

We Make Your Air Breathable Again

At SERVPRO of Burlington, we bring in state of the art equipment in order to ensure that all smoke is removed from the air in the home. Fires leave behind a lot of smoke, ash and soot. We are here to rid your home of it all. Pictured is our Air Scrubber in use at a home that has experienced a fire.

Storms Can Cause Water Damage to Your Home

Pictured is just part of the carpeting in one home that experienced severe flooding and water damage from a storm. SERVPRO of Burlington was called in to salvage what we could of the carpet by drying it up and removing any water.

Kitchen Fire

Kitchen fires often start with a stove. Be it on the burner, as shown here, or from inside the oven itself, kitchen fires are most common. At SERVPRO of Burlington we went in to assist after something cooking on the stovetop pictured caused a kitchen fire. We assisted with removal of soot and ash throughout the home. In addition we salvaged anything we could, helped to restore items and discarded anything destroyed.


At SERVPRO of Burlington, not only are we here for you in case of water damage, storm damage, fire damage or mold, but also to clean your carpets. Shown here is after we removed a lot of dirt and multiple stains from the carpeting in someone's home.

Boarding It Up

Often roofs or windows can be blown out in the case of a storm or a fire, they would then require a tarp or have the need to be boarded up. At SERVPRO of Burlington, we are here to assist you with that. Shown here is a boarding up job we had to do after a local apartment complex had a fire.

Rising Waters

Rising waters created by storms often find their way into your home or business. Pictured here is after SERVPRO of Burlington did the job we were called in to do. We were able to dry up, remove and clean up all water that seeped into this property after a storm. We pulled up and removed all carpeting that was damaged and not salvageable. We also removed all affected sheetrock to avoid an issue with mold.

Storefront Water Damage

Pictured is a storefront business that was affected by water damage. The water problem originated in their kitchen and spread water all throughout the business and into the main front area where customers dine. SERVPRO of Burlington was called in to dry up, cleanup and remove the water.

Apartment Fire

With apartment fires, not only can your home be affected but your neighbors homes as well. Being that your properties are all connected, the chance of damage with how quickly fires spread is increased. Shown here is an apartment fire within a local apartment complex. It began in one persons kitchen and was able to be contained and extinguished before spreading to other units. SERVPRO of Burlington was called in to come clear out debris, ash and soot, and to salvage all salvageable items and belongings from all affected rooms.

At SERVPRO Mold Doesn't Stand a Chance

At SERVPRO of Burlington we are here to remove mold from your home. Pictured here is a small closet in the wall of a furnished attic. Mold grew into the walls so we had to remove all the dry wall in order to effectively remove all the mold. At SERVPRO we safely remove the mold and take all precautions for our team, you, your family and your home.

Sewage Overflow

Toilets don't just back up at home. Your business can also be affected by an overflowing toilet be it due to a clog or sewage issue. Shown here, a store in the local mall had a back up of black water. Black water is a hazard. We were able to come in equipped with all necessary and required safety gear in order to properly remove all the water and to properly clean all areas affected by it.

We Help You Get Through The Storms

Pictured is one of the cars in our fleet of work vehicles. It is surrounded by water due to flooding caused by a storm. This flooding caused major damage to many homes and businesses. At SERVPRO of Burlington, we will drive to you through the waters in order to be on hand to assist with your storm damage.

Under the Sink Water Damage

Pipes in your home or office can suddenly burst, be it due to cold weather, a clog, a small crack, the age of the pipe, or the pipe attachments coming apart. Water damage is the result In this home a pipe bursting under the kitchen sink resulted in water damage.

Fires Can Happen Anywhere

This was the aftermath of a bathroom fire. Yes, fires can and do happen in bathrooms. We were able to come in and treat all areas of the bathroom and the home, that were affected by smoke, soot, or direct flames.

A Night Out At the Ballpark

We love our community and enjoy showing appreciation and celebrating people in it. We just had yet another great time together with some of our agents and their families. We love gathering together at the local Ballpark for the ballgame. It's always great company, good food, and beverages. Plus the game is the perfect backdrop to our annual 'thank you' event.


Our team joined up with HGTV to create an episode on 'Love It or List It'.  It's not everyday you get to be hero and a celebrity, but we pulled it off.  Our reputation to provide superior services was evident when HGTV called on us to partner with their project.

SERVPRO Night w/ Grasshoppers & Agents

Another great year together with some of our agents and their families. One of our favorite nights of the year!  Great company, food, and beverages were the perfect backdrop to our annual 'thank you' event.

AFTER Crawlspace Repair

Take a look at how clean and restored this space became. OUr production crew knows its stuff.  'Take a picture, it will last longer!'  We do, all the time because it is the best evidence of the hard work our team puts in.

BEFORE Crawlspace Repair

Take a look at what our production crew found.  Getting it back to "Like it never even happened." is job 1.  Not many people are willing to crawl under and up into any space. We Do!

Always Prepared

Having the best equipment, technology, and products available at any moment is how we roll. One thing we pride ourselves in, is the on hand SERVPRO technology specifically designed and dedicated to every job possible.  We have seen everything! We are prepared and capable.

Large Loss Restoration Extraordinaires

Example of our SERVPRO of Burlington crews capability to handle any loss. One of our favorite questions is..."Does SERVPRO turnkey large loss?" The answer is "YES"! Matter of fact, its a team favorite.